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Kaimo K - Ouija
Kaimo K - Ouija

Kaimo K – Ouija

Artist: Kaimo K
Label: Amsterdam Trance
Catalog: AMSTR090
Released: 10.08.2015
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, Trance

Description It’s time to venture down the rabbit hole here at Amsterdam Trance Records as we team up with Estonian super producer Kaimo K to summon the dark arts on ‘Ouija’. A slight departure from Kaimo’s trademark Uplifting sound but still every bit as epic. Setting off at a healthy pace and taking a quick turn down a dark alley full

of Tech Trance goodness, meticulously created electric leads and a build and release that really sets this one apart.

Hold on tight…

Enjoy and PLAY LOUD!

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  1. in music khaili hal dad be man

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